I have a personal mail server, but I find that other's anti-spam systems make my email server almost unusable sometimes. In fact, one the only email service I could reliably communicate with is GMail. Others block my emails for reasons I could hardly fix. Most notably:

They block me because of anti-spam services (namely Spamhaus) which labels whole IP ranges as spammers, because someone on that IP range did spam at some point. I can't just change my IP network, so I can't fix this problem. They block me because the reverse IP address doesn't correlated with my email domain. I can't change that, only my ISP can, but it wouldn't bother doing it for a home Internet user.

Both are awful reasons to be completely blocked by someone, keeping in mind that I'm using DKIM, SPF and DMARC. This especially awful when I'm replying to someone, so they know I'm not a spammer, yet they still block me for no good reason.

If you have your own mail server, please don't go crazy on the spam filtering and think what you're doing before blocking at mass.

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