I'm presuming the theory is that running the server functions in a separate virtual machine from the desktop functions will mitigate the stability concerns mentioned by Magic Banana. The approach I was thinking about was doing it the other way around, ie running the desktop system inside a virtual machine (or perhaps a Docker container), hosted on the server. However, since it now seems like my netbook could function as a server, I thinking about setting up a Freedombone system on that.

One question that's really worth doing some rigorous thinking about is; what do you want a server for? If it's for the purpose of publishing things to the world in general, privacy isn't really any issue, so you might as well lease a server from an ISP, or just use a hosted service which will cope better if you get Slashdotted (or Reddited or whatever). If there are things you'd prefer to keep private (eg private communications, file storage and sync, scheduling calendar) but you want to be able to access them from multiple devices, or share them with a private group (eg a social network for sharing news, photos etc with your family), that's where a home server could be worth a try.

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