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Community reaction, and our response

We in the libreboot project are shocked and dismayed by some of the community's overall transphobic and sexist responses to this whole ordeal. While many have been supportive, others have been hostile. In the first few days since the incident, reading several message boards, mailing lists and IRC channels, it's obvious that the topic has quickly shifted towards being about Leah Rowe, instead of the actual issues at hand. There are calls by some to even replace Leah Rowe as leader of the libreboot project, or to fork the libreboot project. Her sanity was questioned by the community, while others patronisingly say that she is going through a difficult time and is acting emotionally. Others have said flatout that she should not have raised these issues, or that she should have done it in a more professional manner. Tone policing. Respectability politics at its worst.

Of course, it's true that women in society are taken far less seriously, so when a trans woman stands up for the rights of another trans person when that person is abused, she is considered crazy by some, and belittled by others. It's much harder for women - especially trans women - to be taken seriously in a community and industry that is still dominated by middle class white cisgendered men. The community's negative reaction to this news reflects a attitude of prejudice that is the reason a trans person was fired from the FSF in the first place.

The libreboot project will stand firm, regardless of what peoples reactions may be. We're not going anywhere, and the project is always expanding.

Most of all, we're disgusted with the FSF's damage control response, where apparently all they want to do is protect their reputation, without actually answering any of the calls against them, hoping that this issue will go away. It will not.

I'm thankful most of the folks replying here don't work for the orgs in question and I'm still hoping that Trisquel, GNU, and FSF come out with public statements stating that they're working on becoming more inclusive organizations, specifically as it relates to trans and other LGBT folks.

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