contrib and non-free are, you guess it, repositories that contain non-free software. I think you know that as to have them enabled you had to manually edit the sources, but it is good to point out that once you install a non free package from these repos your freedom has gone out of the window. Usually freedom tends to go out when you open Windows (pun intended). You GPU is an ATI and those require non-free firmware to work. Debian's kernel is de-blobbed, meaning there is no non-free proprietary firmware, hence your GPU does not work at all or at best, it will work but display the max screen resolution supported by your BIOS (usually 1024*768) and not the max one of your monitor (say 1600*900). You will also miss 3d acceleration, which means you will have bad time, bad time and frustration. Either change hardware (real solution) or fetch the non-free firmware for your GPU. That is up to you, it's you PC, your decision.

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