Just forwarding, for those who want to use Trisquel **and also** have
updates to some packages.

Thus, instead of "leaving Trisquel" or "recommending [Name of non-free
distro] to [general public]", we can install the Guix package maanger in
Trisquel and have user-friendliness, updates and freedom.

It's still beta, so please be aware.

The forwarded message should be in attachment (probably can only be seen
in the mailing list topic page, not in the forum page).
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Hello Guix,

I'm pleased to announce the availability of GNU IceCat 45.3.0-gnu1-beta
with selected fixes cherry-picked from upstream, including all security
fixes introduced in Firefox ESR 45.4.0, specifically:

  CVE-2016-5250 - Resource Timing API is storing resources sent by
                  the previous page
  CVE-2016-5257 - Memory safety bugs fixed in Firefox 49 and Firefox ESR 45.4
  CVE-2016-5261 - Integer overflow and memory corruption in WebSocketChannel
  CVE-2016-5270 - Heap-buffer-overflow in
  CVE-2016-5272 - Bad cast in nsImageGeometryMixin
  CVE-2016-5274 - use-after-free in nsFrameManager::CaptureFrameState
  CVE-2016-5276 - Heap-use-after-free in
  CVE-2016-5277 - Heap-use-after-free in nsRefreshDriver::Tick
  CVE-2016-5278 - Heap-buffer-overflow in nsBMPEncoder::AddImageFrame
  CVE-2016-5280 - Use-after-free in
  CVE-2016-5281 - use-after-free in DOMSVGLength
  CVE-2016-5284 - Add-on update site certificate pin expiration


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