"I don't think it fair to say that Leah is innocent. Even if she happens to be right about the reason, the way she deals with the situation and the way she communicates with people (her emails for example), that's not acceptable social behavior."

@Mampir What about the way some of the folks responded to Leah? Is that acceptable social behavior? Why does it seem like you're giving them a pass? Shouldn't the way they communicate be called into question as well?

I think so, especially the responses (and some of them have been in this forum) that focus on Leah's gender either by misgendering her or otherwise calling her gender into question.

I think the organizations involved should investigate further and come to some resolution on this issue with Leah and the trans person in question BEFORE we conclude whether the way Leah and others communicated is acceptable social behavior.

@Onpon4, what do you think?

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