After reviewing the four fundamental freedoms of libre software, from Richard Stallman's 3rd edition, I feel it is a bit of a distraction to see so much being made about Trisquel being behind other distros. If the latest security holes relate to CODECS and conveniences then maybe I am also guilty for non participation. I read about fuse exfat and learned that early version were read-only. I could only install full featured fuse-exfat from Ubuntu's deb files into Trisquel, and it is by no means reliable. I don't complain because that is the only way to extract files from a digital camera when fitted with a 64GB or larger SD card. When I tried suggesting in a Ubuntu forum that a stable read-only version should also be made available, I was, for some reason, no longer able to log in to their forum. In that sense, Trisquel is far from being dead in my world.

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