I do not quite get the situation. Are two Trisquel systems installed on your computer? If so, you did not need to install Trisquel Mini alongside Trisquel. You could just have installed the "trisquel-mini" package (and "trisquel-mini-recommended" for lighter applications) and choose it at the graphical connection screen (where you click on your user name). Even going through a fresh install, why haven't you installed Trisquel Mini on top of Trisquel (after a backup of your data, of course)?

2 GB of RAM is enough for Trisquel with GNOME Shell. My wife has just that on her laptop. And even if it was not enough, the system would only be unbearably slow. It would not have display issues. When you write that you checked the RAM, was it with memtest86+? Were there errors (the screen turning red)? If so, it is an hardware problem that no software would solve: you need to change your RAM.

Anyway, please show us the output of the following command, to execute in a terminal (your password will be asked):
$ sudo parted -l

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