sorry for causing confusion. Thank you for explaining. I understand it enough to know that ram is not the hard disk. When I looked at "Disk" I saw 160 GB, so it seems I don't even have 2 GB. More confusion, i know, and I know how frustrating it is giving tech support without seeing the user's system.

My problem is, I thought I had more disk space, now if I can find out how much RAM I have I know that'd be helpful. I was sure I had 2 GB. Please remember I don't see well and often follow the wrong line. When I remember how I found where to look for specs, I thought it said almost 2 GB, I looked up getting a screenshot in this program but it looked complicated.

unknowingly I installed programs beside each other, following advice on how to download, not realizing the new program didn't erase the old one.

I looked at the disk analyser, didn't quite understand it, then, while looking in a window with folders, I saw more numbers, maybe that was the RAM. When I first learned computers, I wrote some notes, what RAM is, what ROM is, and a few other things.

The main problem is, before getting Trisquel Mini, I had Trisquel and a GNOME shell, which worked well, till the display started getting scrambled, so I went to the Trisquel room at IRC and tried to properly read the specs on the Terminal after someone gave me a command to input. Then I was told I could not use Trisquel, so I got a command to install Mini, not realizing I was adding to what I had, instead of replacing.

On my own, I looked Synaptic, almost deleted Trisquel from there. I had tried uninstalling the shell, but didn't, so there's still fragments of it on here. When I log in, I still have the Trisquel screen. If it's still functional I could do screenshots.

Admittedly I don't know what I'm doing, that's why I'm here. I'm slowly learning, ty trial and error and error.

Thank you for your help, and again, I'm sorry for causing confusion..

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