> I usually make swap partitions the same size as the amount of RAM on that computer.

From what I gathered around, the size of the swap partition is very relative. On modern computers (say 4 or better yet 8 gb of RAM) swap is hardly needed at all and you could even omit it without ever encountering any issue whatsoever (unless you edit heavy pics/vids or whatever may drain a modern monster). OP has 1 gb of RAM. In this case, the swap partition is **vital** as the probability of filling the RAM up is very high. Hence my recommendation is to make it double in this case - go for 2 gb of swap, just to be safe.

I have an old laptop, 2 gb ram, 2 gb swap. I am pretty certain I never even touched the /swap.. But then again I hate multitasking and I extremely enjoy lightweight applications. My average RAM usage is 400/500 mb :)

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