As above, I'll cede she has a few valid points. Invariant sections should not block changes which are clearly indicated as not being the author's own words, and allowing some variation in documentation formats would be nice.

But seriously, "extremism"? The people who changed the world were never mainstream thinkers- the "open sources" of various movements have served an important role, granted, but it's the people who won't compromise on their values who change the world. If you aren't willing to suffer any form of hatred or sacrifice for your beliefs, you aren't going to be the one who makes them a reality. It's only because Stallman is so stubborn, pedantic, and uncompromising that we can even dream of software freedom.

If you don't want to be associated with the kind of uncompromising willingness that built GNU (and Libreboot, may I point out) or the kind of constant forking that allows free software to remain truly secure and trustworthy in a way proprietary software could never approach, that's fine. I have no objections, and I honestly wish you the best in your ambitions. But please call yourself an open-source advocate, not a free software advocate.

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