> about the browser, I'm concerned about being able to block trackers and I need to have my security settings, plus have some add-ons, all are for those purposes. I like IcaCat for that.

There is nothing special about Icecat, it is only the best browser AFAIK for your privacy **by defult** (well, after TorBB, of course). You can set any FF based browser to be as secure if not more. On the monkey I have noscript, ublockorigin, noresourceurileak and httpseverywhere installed. They are all compatible and everything works great. I will leave you in the attachment the huuge list of modifications I made in advanced settings. You only need to copy your prefs.js to keep your modifications when you migrate to another FF browser, there is no need to manually change everything in about:config every time..

> I haven't watched videos or listened to music on here yet, though I'd love to, if I felt sure I'd be protected, especially from google; I wouldn't download their vids for fear there's embedded stuff that would snoop and mine my info.

Embedding malware in videos AFAIK is extremely difficult and it relies on exploiting a bug in the video player. An attacker would need to know which player, on which OS, which libraries version you use. It is something that can be done (from what I read) but in practice nobody does it. I don't think google would risk millions of dollars and spend time and effort to infect a bunch of GNU users. They already have all the info from people who don't know better and voluntarily spit out all their private information. Through correlation they also have a lot of information on those who don't even use their services. Malware gets usually embedded in pdfs and doc files. If you receive a mail with one of those attached, you should worry, but you should not worry bout videos and music. Btw, I am pretty sure the Tor Browser will run faster and use some 50 mb less memory than FF (or Icecat). Give it a try.

I recommend you don't apply blindly changes in about:config but first read what does each do.

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