Thank you. The debian 8 usb memory stick is for testing. I enabled non free repositories. I do not remember if non free software was installed.
I installed debian 8 again on the usb stick. Libre main debian 8.
If the radeon graphic card is on I can get a desktop. In settings -> display it says unknown display and 1280 x 1024. When I got to know about hardware which is libre software compatible, I got a nvidia geforce 8400 gs rev 3. That is a libre software graphic card? I have not used it or tested it. I installed the nvidia graphic card. Starting the debian 8 usb stick, in settings -> display it says known display and 1920 x 1080 which is maximum for the display. Can you tell if the nvidia card has 3d acceleration in libre debian 8? What is performance of the nvidia geforce 8400 compared to a radeon 4000 card?

Is there a better libre software graphic card than the nvidia geforce 8400?

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