Good news: your RAM is OK. If it was not, the screen would have turned red. Memtest86+ starts over after doing all its tests: you can terminate it now.

Let us now see if the disk is OK. Trisquel has, by default, a tool named "Disks" in the "System Settings". In it, you can select a disk (left-hand side of the interface), click the button with the gear icon (top-right corner) and choose "SMART Data & Self-Tests...". You can then "Start Self-test" (button in the bottom-left corner) and choose an "Extended" test. At the end, the "Overall assessment" will tell you whether the "Disk is OK". If it is not, you had better backup your data asap and very regularly do so (anyway, all users should regularly backup their data).

However, I doubt that errors in reading data on the disk would result in a scrambled screen. If the problem comes from the software, there may be something interesting to read in the logs. Those logs are files in /var/log. They can be read with any text editor (or, from a terminal, with 'less') or, more comfortably, with the "GNOME System Log" tool (by default in Trisquel but not in Trisquel Mini). Let us first see what errors Xorg (the graphical server) reports, i.e., the output of this command:
$ grep '(EE)' /var/log/Xorg.0.log

If the screen gets scrambled, it would be interesting to read the end of the logs after it happens. Without exiting the session (or rebooting the computer) first. To get a (real) terminal, type Ctrl+Alt+F1. It should always work. Even if the display of the graphical session has become unreadable. Enter your user name and your password and copy the Xorg log in this way (here to a file named "EE.log") that you can then attach to a post on this forum:
$ cp /var/log/Xorg.0.log EE.log

To get back to the graphical session, type Alt+F7. By the way, would that unscramble the screen? If so, we have a fix! If not, there is no need to reboot. Here is how to restart the whole graphical stack from the terminal (again, you can get one with Ctrl+Alt+F1):
$ sudo restart lightdm

I assume here that you use LightDM, which is both Trisquel's and Trisquel Mini's default display manager. Of course the work you were achieving in the graphical session should be first saved... if possible!

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