> No one should donate to the FSF until these threads die and the dude
> is prosecuted for obvious libel.

It would make more sense to say no one should donate to Libreboot until
the founder of Libreboot stops producing libel.

If people stopped donating to the FSF because of an unhappy person's
repeated unsubstantiated allegations then that would be letting the
troll win. If all donations ceased so long as these threads are around
then what, is Bill Gates going to keep these threads alive indefinitely?

The FSF has shown no indication of liking to be bullied. How much time
has the FSF spent on this? Something like `as much as necessary, which
was not much', based on their single statement and the lack of anything
more substantive from Libreboot's founder.

> Start a new organization tied to the general feeling of oppression in
> society.

Just what we need?

> The need for software freedom is only one symptom of what should be
> characterized as the rebellion of the productive forces against the
> narrow conditions of capitalist appropriation (profit) that the
> productive forces have long ago outgrown.

I'd love to hear about how you're inventing a script that will literally
`make sandwich' so the masses don't have to work to get bread.

If one hasn't donated to the FSF, maybe it's not a good idea to complain
about how one imagines they are spending their time.

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