This may be a low tech problem but I can't solve it on my own, and I can't find a solution from others, i.e. the net. So I am asking you people for help.

I convinced my mother to switch to linux (Mint) which resulted in her (old) HP LaserJet P1005 not to work. I bought a new one for her.

The old printer also doesn't work on my computers, running Trisquel. I have searched for solutions and I have tried what my limited knowledge leads me to try, but still without success.

I noticed that the driver is 'foomatic' but I have no idea what this means. Should I avoid that or should I install further drivers or what...?

Now, when I connect and switch on the printer, it is on, i.e. the on-led is green, it makes 'warming up toner' sound and my computer recognises it correctly as a HP LaserJet P1005 immediately.

Does any have suggestions as for how to solve or this or test it further?

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