Hello everyone :)

As kindly suggested by JadedCtrl, I created a new account with teknik.io after the problems with OpenMailBox.

teknik.io uses free software and is published here https://git.teknik.io/Teknikode/ this is not only free software but also GPL compatible as stated here https://www.gnu.org/licenses/license-list.en.html#ModifiedBSD

They offer a few great services. E-mail, personal blog, git repositories, among others.

Of course given the things that happened with OMB I will use GPG encryption from now on. This to protect my privacy and of the people I talk to. If you are not using encryption, it is pretty easy to setup, just use this guide:


(I know that SuperTramp83 will say "finally", I know, but better late than sorry my friend).

In a way I am happy with the changes with OMB, now I am more conscious about the importance of protecting my privacy.

BTW if anyone wants to send me an email this is my public key https://blog.teknik.io/happy_gnu/p/337

I also attached it, just in case.

and my email is happy_...@teknik.io

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