For forum registrations I have a gmail. I have it because, I believe it is rather unlikely, gmail will close. I resent having it. Because I forgot the message system on this forum will use my gmail, I have come to send email to members of this forum from gmail. It was not well received. The matter about openmailbox shows me, that more likely uncertain things can happen about your email account if it is a smaller email provider. I had a paid lavabit email account. I began using it for registrations. Then lavabit shut down. I have a mailoo account. I had to apply several times before I got one. I pay them. Which I do not like, because paying must create a connection between my email and my payment. I do not read french well. I think mailoo writes, they are not getting enough money. They have stopped registrations. They will run until, they have no money. This is to me another example of free software users are not able to gather around a few services, pay them in order to get them continuing.

Maybe one of you know about the economics about providing emails.
What is better, to sell 10 100mb email accounts 1eu each or 1 1gb email account 10eu? 1 1gb email account, because people do not use 1gb storage anyway? And handling payments is expensive? A couple of times, I have suggested to email providers to create lower priced micro 50 or 100mb email plans. They do not do it. I do not want to pay more than 7eu per year.

If protonmail requires non free software, protonmail is likely not relevant for people on this forum. Protonmail has said they will get imap. I asked tutanota if they will get imap. Tutanota said, they have no plans. Technically they regard imap a big difficulty.

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