Most reputable vpn say they don't use logs, but you gotta trust them on their word so don't do anything too sketchy on it. Use tails and go to a library or coffee shop if you need to be anonymous. . I started a thread asking what's the best vpn for trisquel but no replies yet. Searching the forum seems like nordvpn is used by some members. I've used expressvpn in the past and like it. Both have a no logs policy and both are based out of a country with no US jurisdiction. ExpressVPN is a big company and has a lot servers and nice features, both you can sign up anonymously and pay with Bitcoin. And I think they both are use on openvpn software. I wouldn't trust any vpn that is a free service, but they both are open source software. The thing with expressvpn that stands out is it actually has a functioning phone app and can use your service on multiple devices. This could also be a security concern though as your account would link you to multiple devices even if you bought your subscription anonymously.

I'm thinking a solid setup would be a nordvpn flashed router for the home and a expressvpn for mobile devices. It will cost a little bit of money but seems worth it to me.

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