1) During update of Flidas beta, the kernel is refered to as "linux", which as we know is non-Free. I think this dialogue ought to be edited so that a Free kernel is specified, such as "linux-libre". Try: uname -r The response is (worryingly) 4.4.0-79-generic

2) Flidas should support installation of a wider variety of DTEs (Desk Top Environments). I would like to see KDE and LXQt available, too. (The lightweight LXQt makes older hardware a lot more responsive.) The Mate DTE on the Flidas Beta looks good and appears to work well.

3) calamares


Calamares offers useful installation functionality and I think Trisquel should make use of this. It a standardized installation platform for different operating systems. The (non-Free) Chakra Linux has especially useful method to target a specific partition for installation. Please use the same code (which is Free).

4) Thanks to everybody for working on this new release of Trisquel GNU/Linux!

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