Hello Guys. Today id send a request for a technological Gnu/Linux certification in a professional institute from my country. This is a knowledge certification for people who has experience in a certain area outside of formal education and never got any kind of certification for it. This will help me to teach free software and maybe to work in places where they use free software, or even to work with the government in Free Software Migration programs. Here's the thing. Ive been studding very hard from a couple of months to this day, and the told me they will callme when a teacher be available, and then i must go and make the test. I dont know how that test will be, i dont know what kind of teachers this institute has (i know they have some teachers from many universities), i dont know if it will be a written/theorical/practical/whatever test, and of course, i dont know what the hell will they ask me, and i want to be prepared for everything. In my Country at leass de 20% of population has never touched a computer in their lives, and from the people who actually uses a computer daily in life or work, the 95% barely knows how to use MS Office, including young people (also there are a LOT of kids who can perfectly crack any pirated game, but anymore than that). But the people who REALLY knows how to use a computer are scary people (even if there are 1 in a million literally). Almost everything i know from computing and GNU/Linux ive learned by myself, and by every 2 keys i press on my keyboard some friend of mine calls me genius (even if i know im not a genius at all, and still need to learn a lot), and im proud of that, but i fear to find a hard-ass demanding university teacher to certificate me. What do you suggest me to practice, study, read, etc, to forget about the outworld until the day of the test. I barely know programming in c++, but im comfortable with Bash Script and terminal applications.
My Actual Desktop is Debian 9.1 DE i3-gaps wm.

Im use gnu/linux since ubuntu 8.04 and ive completely remove Windows from all my home's computers since about 4 years ago.
I will heard any suggestion.

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