Many of the packages in the Belenos repository are outdated and I've had to install programs without the package manager. For the most part this is less convenient but not a huge problem. However, I am a beginner and the messiness of doing everything manually is starting to get a little complicated for me.

Both Frescobaldi and Lilypond 2.16.2 are in the repository but, I would like to use Lilypond 2.18.2 instead. I installed the latest version from the Lilypond website, but Frescobaldi only recognizes version 2.16.2, which the package manager requires as a dependency for Frescobaldi. Is there a way to force the repository's version of Frescobaldi to use the current version of Lilypond, or will I need to build Frescobaldi myself.

Being a beginner, I suspect that there is a smarter way of upgrading/updating programs. I actually thought that the point of the package manager was to do this automatically, until I noticed how many packages are older versions. Am I just using it incorrectly?


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