>Plus, not everyone with with a distro using APT is on Debian.

Oh, that was meant for the OP, not you, jxself.
OP is on Debian.

>And so, contrary to what you seem to be implying, I stand by my position that there are valid use cases for my APT repository.

I'm not implying anything other than the what I already explicitly 'explied': there is no better kernel than the one that is optimized to be as stable and compatible as possible for your distro by your distro developers. Same reason Trisquaeullo uses da deblobbed Buguntu kernel and not libre linux.

But this is not important. What **is** important is that you don't get me wrong and understand that I truly appreciate your work on the libre linux kernel and do know your work is very needed and useful indeed. I mean it. I did not forget, I am an elephant, how much you helped me with your kernel in the past. And I want to renew my proposal of 'Santo Subito' :)
If not santo subito then 'jxself for the president'. :P

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