I think I screwed up really bad. In following a tutorial on clearing a USB drive using 'dd' I accidentally typed 'sda' instead of 'sdb' and cleared the ext4 partition instead because I am a f*cking idiot. I don't have enough knowledge to know exactly how bad this is, but I believe that I just deleted everything on my disk. The exact command I used was

$ sudo dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/sda1 bs=1k count=2048

All of my files are backed up, so I hoped that if I could just manage to install Trisquel again I'd be okay. However, when I select 'Search ISOLINUX Menu (USB)' from the GRUB menu nothing comes up and I am returned to the GRUB menu after a few minutes, so I can't even run Trisquel live let alone install it.

The bright side is that I've learned a valuable lesson about running commands before I understand them, but it would be nice to salvage my computer too. How bad is this? What can I do?

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