First, thank you very much for your forever lasting kindness. Your
messages in both the Trisquel forums/mailing lists and in IRC are very
pleasing to read.

Just to clarify, I got somewhat confused in the first time I saw your
request to unsubscribe, because from the friendly display name in my
email clinet I thought it was someone who rarely used the mailing
lists. This means that it was not my intention to sound harsh, nor to
simply lay out the unsubscription instructions directly if I knew it was

You are very special and unvaluable to this community. Just remember to
spread Trisquel, not Ubuntu. :D

2018-02-01T12:31:28-0800 γραφω λογον wrote:
> David, if you're reading this I think I need you to "ban" me from the
> forums too and there's a thread in the Troll Lounge that needs to be
> deleted.
> Take care and happy trails; it's not you, it's me and I hope we can
> still be friends someday. :)
> ~the, that's not right....I mean troll formerly known as
> (yuck!) Heather

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