Hello, everyone.  I am Ignacio Agulló, and since the year 2011 I maintain 
the ITC Holidays Calendar for the professionals of the Information and 
Communication Technologies in general and for the members of the Computer 
Engineers Association of Spain (Asociación de Técnicos de Informática, ATI) in 
particular.  The calendar contains all of the editions for a total of 16 yearly 
celebrations, some of which are already extinct.

     The Calendar is published through the Google Calendar application in 
formats iCal and HTML. This allows for subscribing to the Calendar from most 
agenda and e-mail applications, and also view the calendar as a web page or 
insert it in one. The calendar is available in English, Spanish and Galician.  
Here you have the link to the English version:

International ICT Holidays

     For 2018, five holidays are still unannounced – subscribing to the 
calendar is the best choice to avoid being surprised by unexpected date changes.

     Furthermore, four from the calendar holidays are freedom holidays.  Here 
goes the list of Freedom Holidays:

February, 14: I love Free Software Day 2018, 
Organizer: Free Software Foundation Europe, https://fsfe.org/

March, 28: Document Freedom Day, http://documentfreedom.org/
Organizer: Digital Freedom Foundation, http://www.digitalfreedomfoundation.org/
Note: The edition for 2018 is not announced yet

April, 21: Hardware Freedom Day, http://www.hfday.org
Organizer: Digital Freedom Foundation, http://www.digitalfreedomfoundation.org/

September, 16: Software Freedom Day, http://www.softwarefreedomday.org
Organizer: Digital Freedom Foundation, http://www.digitalfreedomfoundation.org/
Note: The edition for 2018 is not announced yet

Notes: I would wish all celebrations were like SysAdmin Day, announced 360 days 
in advance.  I update the calendar every January the 1st, but many celebrations 
aren't still announced as of that date.  Specifically the very first holidays 
of the year are typically announced on early January, so I won't bother to 
publish the news yet.  That is the reason why this year I didn't publish the 
news until January the 24th (first celebration happening on January the 28th, 
Data Protection Day, wasn't announced until January the 23rd), and today (first 
free celebration happening on February the 14th, I love Free Software Day, 
wasn't announced until the last 24 hours).  Also, I knew of a non-ITC freedom 
celebration to be included on this list, Education Freedom Day, but sadly it 
seems to have disappeared after 2015.

Ignacio Agulló · agu...@ati.es

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