I've been running only free software for a while and there hasn't been any reason to change this as for all my tasks there was a free software alternative, but recently I was invited to be part of a practice/kind of work related with photogeometry taking photos of some terrain with drones and building 3D models and ortophotos from this images, and just as I predicted I was required to run some non-free software (In this case Agisoft's Photoscan), the first thing I did was to search for some free software alternative and actually found one (OpenDroneMap) which did almost all the other program could (which is funny as the privative alternative costs $3499 usd while three people could create a decent alternative for free) the problem was that it didn't have GPU support which is vital for making the process faster as there is too much computing to perform. I'm only going to run the privative alternative for a short period while the practive lasts, the reason I'll accept running this software is because this is a great opportunity for learning and would be a pity to miss it even if it implies running non-free software for a while.

This program probably is safe to use but because it's non-free I can't simply trust in it or in it's developers.

So after all that introduction my question is: How could I run safely some non-free software I don't trust (for being non-free) without it being harmful in some way. I thought using some kind of sandbox software like firejail but then how should I use it and how should I set up the config file.

Please don't just tell me something like "Just don't run it" as that is it pretty obvious and doesn't really help me.

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