If it's work-related then this is your employer's computing. If they want you 
to use proprietary software for their computing they should provide their own 
machine for you to use. If they don't do this, the next best thing is to find 
another computer to use. One of my jobs is for my university and requires 
occasional use of Flash. I use a university computer to do this. A public 
library would work too. It sounds like that won't work for you though, since 
you need to install a piece of expensive software for long-term use. Do you 
have access to a spare computer? If not, buying a cheap one will be a tiny 
expense compared to the cost of the software. That way, you can use that 
machine soley for this task and have no other personal data on it or use it for 
any of your personal computing. I do not advise installing proprietary software 
on your personal machine.

That said, I strongly encourage you to use OpenDroneMap for as many tasks as 
possible and only use one of the proprietary programs when you absolutely have 
to. Since you consider this a valuable learning opportunity, I assume you plan 
to use what you learn in the future. If this becomes part of your life, and you 
rely on proprietary software to do it, you will not have control over that part 
of your life. You may even reach a point where you are not just learning about 
this field but also contributing to it, at which point control over your 
computing will help to ensure that your contributions benefit society rather 
than harm it.

Have you asked the developers how close they are to implementing GPU support? I 
couldn't find any info with a brief search, but there is a support chat here 

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