> I disagree with the FSF on this. I never enable JavaScript when
> accessing GitHub, and I get zero problems. In fact, it's one of the
> best no-JavaScript designs I've ever seen. And the whole C2

The fact that JavaScript is (by default and by the standard) enabled in
most browsers leads me to consider it as required still.

> best no-JavaScript designs I've ever seen. And the whole C2
> thing... that page they link to is just telling you that GitHub
> complies with a U.S. law and gives a brief summary of what that
> entails. Plus, it only applies to the Enterprise service.

Hm... perhaps you should tell the evaluators about this, I think they
have a dedicated mailing list (repo-criteria-discuss, I think, check the
webpage for the evaluation to see the exact name and email address).

> I'd also like to note any two Git repositories can be merged. They
> don't have to both be from GitHub. In fact I never tell people who
> want to contribute to my projects to use Savannah; I tell them to host
> a copy in whatever Git host they prefer, make their changes, and send
> me a link. It's really trivial for me to do:
> git remote add example https://example.com/foo.git
> git pull example master
> You can even use "git request-pull" to make it even easier for whoever
> needs to merge the changes.

Agree! ;)

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