Personally, a year ago I started to depend less on
document/spreadsheet/presentation formats which are not easily readable,
understandable and editable with plain text editors.

So I decided to start writing my things using Org mode
syntax/markup. Besides being easily readable by humans in plain text
editors, it has support for various things such as spreadsheets (even
with advanced calculations and some builtin formulas), linking to files,
scripting, making use of BibTeX references (if you are going to export
to LaTeX and related), exporting to other formats --- such as LaTeX, PDF
(through LaTeX), Beamer presentation PDF (through LaTeX), ODT, HTML,
Markdown, iCalendar, plain text, Texinfo/Info, man, and the list goes

Also its a format understood by multiple interpreters/exporters, GNU
Emacs is the most known, but I heard that Pandoc also deals with Org
mode files.

Finally, you can also use Org mode in "publishing" mode, in which case
you have various Org mode files in the same "project" and you tell the
exporter to do its job to various formats at once and can also configure
it to upload the results (and their dependencies) to a webserver
somewhere. I didn't have time to check the other exporters, but I know
that GNU Emacs has this "publishing" mode.

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