> check them out they can see what's involved in transforming Debian. I
> think it does a disservice to the people that work on FSF-endorsed
> distros to classify their work as "just" removing the non-free
> stuff. Not only is it not true, because things are also changed and
> added, it seems to minimize & trivialize their efforts. It seems there
> are some that don't realize just how much work is involved in this

U fully agree with you here.

Labeling the work of free/libre system distributions as "just" removing
some stuff is oversimplified description on how much work it is.

> Sorry, Mr. Tramp this is not really directed to you. You just happened
> to be the one I replied to because you made it easy to start talking
> about Debian and then go on to the whole distro process in general.

Also, if I'm not mistaken, even Debian's "main" repository has some GNU
FSDG issues, so even if one manages to "do it yourself" the process of
disabling the other repositories, you still end up with possibly
non-free software. This in fact was (and still is?) a bad costume I'm
trying to break in the Brazilian Latin-American Free/Libre Software
Installation Festival (FLISoL, from portuguese: Festival
Latino-americano de Instalação de Software Livre) event organization
mailing list, the city-level organizers don't seem to care if their
service involves installing non-free system distributoins.

I might not be the most active developer in terms of coding, but I do
care with imagery and consistency of words.

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