> I do not recommend FreeSlack.
> A lot of packages come from the slackbuilds.org
> build scripts, and weeding out proprietary
> dependencies is a pain.

To clarify, nothing in FreeSlack comes directly from SBo. FreeSlack does not endorse SBo, and neither endorses nor provides any tools to interact with SBo.

FreeSlack does provide an auxiliary binary repo (100% libre, needless to say) which consists at the moment of forked SBo scripts, but even the FreeSlack's own back-end tools do not feed from SBo. Specifically because SBo is so muddy, the forking is completely manual, and everything is set up for eventual divergence, in case if the SBo-hosted script goes south of libre. The binaries are stored here, and can be installed with wget+slackpkg or with an in-house tool:


It is true that our binary repo is very small, when compared with thousands of packages present in Trisquel or thousands of scripts in SBo library, so calher would be correct in pointing out that building a lot of more obscure software would require using something like SBo, but we just want to make it very clear that it was calher's solution to the problem. Here at FreeSlack we would be happy to do what it takes to augment our binary repo with whatever libre software users request, especially if the said users are willing to contribute to the license audit of these packages.

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