> provider that respected my freedom

The question is: which online service provider runs on RYF hardware with FOSS firmware and software?

And the answer is: none (to the best of my knowledge).

Option 1: The closest you could get to it is by purchasing your own server without Intel ME and with libreboot, install proper free software on it and make sure it is online 24/7/365 at a high speed internet connection. But that costs a lot and is still far from perfect. It is even worse when you think that you will actually be buying yet another CPU with hardware bugs and proprietary microcode.

* Caveat: Of course you will also have to provide such computers to everyone who you want to communicate with. It hardly makes sense to send from a clean system to a PRISM owned one. And because in most cases this is impossible you are doomed.

Option 2: stay with whatever you use, communicate using end-to-end encryption (if your recipients know how). Then it doesn't matter much who the carrier is. The caveat still remains.

Option 3: Do like J. Assange who says "I don't use email, it is too dangerous". Of course this leads to other kinds of caveats.

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