I have distro hopped between devuan, parabola and trisquel a few times.

But I finally found what I was looking for in hyperbola. One of which being, the quick updates feature. The other being, the packages are updated way more often then devuan. And the last being, its all free software man!

Not to mention for me I am not fond of systemd... some people aren't. I am one of them.

Plus the hardened packages are the cherry on top!


If you need help accessing wifi after you boot into a dm such as lxdm, there is an easy way, nmtui! at least in hyperbola anyways.

But let me tell you something, if you have a libreboot laptop, and are patient enough to do this all at a reasonable pace, FDE!

if not, and you know how to do encrypted /home and root,

then by all means, do so.

But in my opinion, its easy to install following the instructions as long as you don't want encryption. Although calamares is in the works...

But yeah, till that is done, I highly recommend being patient with encrypted install. Their libreboot fde install is working nicely, but anything in between may be a little bit harder.

Just my two cents for ya...

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