Hi talbers,

Congratulations on getting to a place where you want to drop Google. There are lots of ways to look at services when wanting one "respects your freedom". Most of the respondents focused on absolutism, this option is simply not free (as in cost), which was indicated in your question as a requirement. Therefore, you are looking for some type of relativism.

Personally, I wish this forum would help people find resources that are relatively better than what one is using currently; rather than immediately jumping down some absolutist rabbit hole.

Clearly, dropping Google is a huge step. It can be very difficult as its services are rather sticky. Moving off Gmail, a service you know for a fact is mining your email to serve you adverts is a challenge because it requires using less sticky options. Disroot.org was already mentioned as a drop in webmail option to replace many Google services. They do not charge, serve adverts, and are not a hulking corporation with compromised realities.

Beyond that first option, you might already have an account that is free of advertising that you have more control over. If you have a website, most hosting accounts include an email account. Openmailbox also has a limited, free tier. Some people have had issues with the service, but I used it for three years with no issue.

If your like me, you might have several accounts already, and adding another might be unnecessary for the purpose of getting away from Google. When I made that choice, I went back to my old Fastmail account as my primary and use my icloud account as a secondary account. I went down from a peak of eight emails accounts to two, meaning less of "me" is out there to be mined.

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