>> * Meanwhile, heyjoe has just written on another post in this thread that he uses Gmail...

>Yes, I have written that but I have also written that I am >looking for better alternative. This means: a service >provide who can proof that their systems are free from >malware on firmware level (at least to the currently >possible level) and for which there is a verifiable proof >that their systems don't use any software whatsoever which >may indirectly provide data to NSA. Without that just a note >on someone's site "we use only free ethical software" is >just marketing through wishful thinking.

What logic is this? What is your threat model? Why would you use the service of a company that surveils you as its business model? Read the license you agreed when you chose their service. Almost any provider is less abusive than Google. At least choose one that promises you privacy and has to breach their promise to abuse you. Meanwhile you are so worried about what happens in ring-3? Again, where is the logic? My house can be broken into with a sledgehammer so I should get rid of the door?

As you yourself show, you are not serious in your approach to privacy. You also seem not to understand, or not to want to understand, the practical underpinnings of free software. There is no commenting about the topic because you systematically bring down every topic with spurious logic.

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