>that communication involves other hosts too and that changing your mail
>server is not enough as a measure to ensure privacy of communication.

It is much better than doing nothing. By your logic: Why should I stop throwing trash in the street if other people are still doing it? Privacy, like pollution, is an ecological issue.

>These are generalizations. Just like saying that Mozilla respects your
>privacy better than Google.

Google's business model is to surveil its useds. The chairman of Google has openly said Google's goal is to know what you want before you know you want it (or what you are looking for before you know you are looking for it).

Mozilla is a non-profit foundation that promotes Free Software and open standards. They are not perfect, but their business model is not to surveil you.

Of course, Mozilla respects your privacy better than Google. If you want to argue the opposite, please provide proof, particularly proof that Mozilla is purposely abusing my privacy, and in a worse way than Google, to boot. Just like when you say Edward Snowden may have been a plant. The burden of proof is on you heyjoe. If you have no proof then you are just libeling a person and an organization both of whom seem to be on the side of a more just world.

>And "at least" it is from a provider who understands security down
>to the chip. I am completely against the large scale mischief of
>Google but it would be unfair to disregard the excellent technical
>expertise of people who work there.

Nobody is disregarding their technical expertise. That is precisely what makes them such a dangerous company. For the last time, their business model is to surveil you. This is not up for argument.

>It is no different from running Windows, installing LibreOffice on
>it and feeling relaxed that in this way your computer won't leak data through
>your office package.

I believe all people should care about the freedom of their computing, so I would never recommend somebody to run Windows. However, if somebody is running Windows and they have the choice between a proprietary word processor, spreadsheet or presentation maker, and a freedom respecting one such as LibreOffice, I would recommend LibreOffice. I would also say they are doing better than the person using the proprietary software. You are presenting a false dichotomy.

>You don't seem to understand that something like Intel ME has full access
>to every single bit of data (including every key stroke) and can modify
>and transmit it while you are running your favorite Trisquel and Tor,
>using non-US based mail service with E2E encryption and thinking that you
>are safe in that setup. It can even do that while your system is shut down
>as long as the power cable is plugged in.

I think I understand well enough what ME is. You speak of Intel ME as if it were a sentient being. Who, precisely, has full access to every single bit of my data...etc. etc. even while my system is shut down? Who is simultaneously spying on all of us like this? Microsoft? Google? The NSA? The local mobster? All of them? Do you have any proof that this is happening? Intel ME is a potential backdoor. Spectre and Meltdown are security vulnerabilities. I doubt that if I decide not to use Gmail, Google's employees are going to start collecting data on me thrugh ME, or Spectre or Meltdown or any other vulnerability in the hardware of my computer.


I do not mind that you think what you wish and that you make a case for what you think. I do mind that you conflate issues, confuse others, and make it sound as though using free software has no purpose. I do mind that you seem so paranoid about security, privacy, surveillance, and yet use the services of at least one of the surveillance giants. You can't have it both ways heyjoe. And if you wish to libel others, particularly those who are in service of a more free society, those who have dedicated their lives to it, even risked their lives for it, I suggest you cough up some hard evidence or stop complaining when you are called up on your unsubstantiated libels.

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