> With 1 GB (even 2GB) of RAM, I would *really strongly* suggest Xfce, LXDE,
> or LXQt desktop environments instead of KDE or GNOME or a GNOME derivative.

I have 2GB of RAM. I have tried GNOME 3 and indeed is a problem. However, I did 
not have any issues with GNOME Fallback when I was using Trisquel 7 or MATE on 
Trisquel 8. 1GB might be pushing it though. I would recommend a simple window 
manager rather than a full desktop environment, but since the OP is a beginner 
you're probably right that LXDE is their best bet.

> I gather that Trisquel Mini comes with LXDE, so I would suggest Trisquel
> Mini. After the installation, you can additionally install LXQt[*] and/or
> Xfce and try them all before settling on one.

I wonder what is the difference between installing Trisuel Mini versus 
installing regular Trisquel and installing LXDE? 

> But if you use modern web
> browsers, office suits, and the like, it may not be enough.)

Yes, choice of programs is at least as important as choice of desktop 
environment. I try to use as many cli programs as possible, but for a beginner 
I'd recommend

- abiword as a word processor
- I only use a word processor when formatting is important. Writing can just be 
done in a text editor (I use vim, but pluma and gedit are good graphical 
alternatives) and pasted into abiword at the end.
- gnumeric for spreadsheets
- mpv as a media player (or vlc if you need something a little more fully 
- claws for email (or neomutt if you like cli programs)
- lifrea (maybe) as a news reader. I say maybe because while I've never had 
trouble with it, I haven't gone out of my way to try many other graphical news 
- ??? for image manipulation (Can anyone suggest a low-RAM-usage alternative to 
- audacity for editing audio
- gajim for chat (or mcabber if you like cli programs)
- linphone for sip (does anyone know of a cli sip client that can run as a 
daemon and receive incoming calls?)

I don't know if this is true as a rule, but I have found that as I have begun 
to avoid using my web browser for more than internet searches and do everything 
else (email, chat, news) with desktop clients, I have run out of RAM much less 
often. However, this has coincided with my replacing several graphical programs 
with cli ones, so it's hard to say how much of my reduced RAM usage has 
anything to do with how much I use a web browser. It also surely depends on the 
browser. I absolutely recommend disabling JavaScript, though. Freedom and 
security issues aside, a JavaShit heavy site can easily use up almost all of my 
RAM, especially Screwgle Drive (which should of course be avoided for other 
reasons anyway). 

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