Welcome, Jos.

> I installed CDE from the cdedesktopenv git on my xubuntu system to
> test it out. I really like it and would like to have a distro that
> has CDE by default. Trisquel seems to have this.

I do not see cde in the Trisquel 8 repo. You may know that Trisquel is 
downstream from Ubuntu. Packages are generally not added to the ones from 
Ubuntu except those that replace some of the proprietary Ubuntu packages that 
are excluded.

> Now in the documentation of cdedesktopenv it says that they do not
> encourage to use CDE in real life, because of security
> vulnerabilities that are in the system. How do you see this here at
> Trisquel? Did you resolve these issues?

Yes, I see the same warning. It seems that porting CDE to GNU/Linux is still a 
work in progress. It may be a good idea to wait, if that concerns you. The 
security concerns may be why the software is not included in Ubuntu or Trisquel.

This is probably not the answer you were looking for, but as long as you're 
here anyway... welcome to Trisquel! If you're interested to try a distro with 
the user-friendliness of Ubuntu that includes only software that respects your 
freedom, give it a try. I believe there are even migration scripts to switch 
from Ubuntu to Trisquel without having to install.

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