analytics.js is not 10M lines of code.

"Unminify" (about 1300 lines of code) all you want and try to rewrite part of it in understandable JavaScript (with meaningful variable names, comments, etc.) if you really believe it is doable.

My posts about the impossibility to exercise freedom 1 were about the large code base of browsers.

Studying 10M lines of code is too much work for one single person (who can however focus on a few features or even a whole module). It is not too much work for a whole community. Part of that community actually *wrote* the 10M lines of code.

The actual intent is not that because telemetry reports things even without crashes.

"E.g." introduces an example. The telemetry module does not exclusively deal with crashes. shows how the telemetry data help the developer identify and prioritize bugs that cause many crashes in practice.

Yet in combination with "look no further than GNU Icecat" it implies exactly that.

No, it does not.

And what is "not malicious" then? Unsafe? lol

A malicious functionality is, by definition, *designed* to abuse the users. A bug creating a vulnerability is *unintended*. So, yes, "unsafe" software can be "not malicious".

Where is the list of vulnerabilities?

Here for instance:

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