## Dist-upgrade t7 > t8

Although it was already possible to upgrade a T7 machine into T8, the
manual steps can be tricky. The guided/graphical process for the upgrade
is now in place and can be tested by running the following commands on a
fully up to date Trisquel 7 installation:

  update-manager -d
  do-release-upgrade -d

If you want to do a dry run (so the whole upgrade is tested but no
actual changes are made to the disk) add '-s', which stands for 'sandbox'.

I tried it on a VM and it worked correctly. Please give it a go and
report any errors by attaching the contents of "/var/log/dist-upgrade".
I haven't tried upgrading from Trisquel-mini or other desktops.
has more information about how to try it out inside a virtual machine.

## Wrapping up the release:

The reminding steps to finish the release are:

 * Test the iso set I'm building today, test the upgrade system, fix
major problems if needed (most things can be fixed through updates).
 * Add two packages to the build system that should be pre-installed by
default: GNU Ring and the Electrum wallet.
 * Make and package the artwork.

Hopefully everyone can make it to the Freedom Friday meeting on IRC.

Trisquel 8 is getting ever closer!

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