> You apparently think that "all CSS" is some kind of "infection".

You should really stop telling me what I think, especially when I don't think it.

> Let us take your website as an example

Let us not.

> Without it, your site becomes much uglier: http://dcc.ufmg.br/~lcerf/anchev_no-css.html

I don't think anyone has given you permission to copy anything from the site and upload it to another host. But of course - you are "ethical".

> I blanked all pictures.

I guess that makes you even divine.

> Although you told me in https://trisquel.info/forum/web-browser?page=5#comment-127512 that I have "a serious mental disorder" for distributing my scripts under the GPLv3+ (that allows copying),

In that post it was said:

"I am simply allergic to people deliberately twisting the meaning of what is being said. It's time wasting and annoying."

(I still am)

"Protecting forum posts with copyright and licenses is insanity."

(Yes, it is)

"If 2 people communicate by handling a copyright notice and a license for what they share this is not a moral stance but a serious mental disorder."

which is quite different from "Magic Banana, you have a serious mental disorder".

> I am afraid your judgment may suddenly change when it comes to copying your pictures.

These are not "my pictures" (with a few exceptions). This is content which is copyrighted and the copyright doesn't belong to me. So it would be illegal and morally incorrect to disrespect the copyright owners just because some random member on some forum considers this wrong according to his poorly informed judgement.

> Anyway, *some* (not "all") CSS can allow third parties to track the visitor.

"BTW you can get tracked through CSS too. I don't know if Midori can block all CSS."

is different from

"All CSS can allow third parties to track the visitor"

You seem to have some serious reading disability. You always split everything into pieces, add some tint to them and then recombine them into something new.

> However, if the website uses Google Analytics, that does not make much of a difference for most users, who will execute that proprietary JavaScript and be tracked (how disgusting!). You know, like on your site: https://anchev.net/home.js

I don't see anyone inviting you to the table, so your shitting on it is the only disgusting thing here. FWIW (not that I owe anyone an explanation): this website was made on a quick notice, using a ready made template. The majority of the visitors are using Mac OSX, Windows, Google Chrome, (not hardened) Firefox, Android and iPhone to browse it, so by visiting this particular site they are surely not more or less exposed than they otherwise are. Regardless of that there will be a new version of the site which will come online when it is ready. Perhaps I could accelerate that if I stop answering to people who have nothing better to do but to troll at others on a personal basis.

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