> It does nothing whatsoever.

I think you should configure an account just like when you would set up an email account. In your newsreader there should be a way to configure accounts. Just create a new account and point it to news.gmane.org and you should be gtg.

BTW, if you will be submitting messages through Gmane, then in your account configuration you need to specify a working email address. At your *first* attempt to send a message to any newsgroup, Gmane will send you a confirmation email, and upon replying that you will authorized for that newsgroup. This "first time posting" confirmation is done for each newsgroup in Gmane separately.

> By the time I was old enough to understand how to use the Internet, the Web had completely superseded Usenet already in practice.

But the Web didn't supersede mailing lists, did it? Newsgroups is a technology that is specifically tuned for (in place of) mailing lists. As long as there are inferior mailing lists, there will be the superior newsgroups.

BTW Usenet is still there (with thousands of newsgropus), but the cumulative number of newsgroups and mailing lists have been so inflated that they have overflowed Usenet, and now there are a lot of independent, albeit smaller, newsgroups everywhere, just like there are mailing lists. I have to emphasize the fact that while Usenet is the flagship of NNTP news service, Usenet is not representative of NNTP - it is just the biggest service using the protocol. Usenet to NNTP (news) is akin to Gmail to SMTP (email).

> Usenet is really old, dude. It's so old that I've never been exposed to it.

But email is older than newsgroups, and newsgroups is older than Usenet. I.e. Usenet is the youngest of all. :)

I think there is a good deal of misperception regarding newsgroups vs. Usenet, probably because Usenet is the biggest distributed news service and thus become a synonym for newsgroups. I have never proposed trisquel-users to be fed to Usenet. I just proposed to have a stand-alone news service (newsgroup acces) for this forum. And it just so happens that Gmane provides for this (bilateral mailing list newsgroup gateway) for free.

> because my ISP (like most ISPs) does not offer Usenet as a service.

And they don't have to. A news server is like a mail server. Your ISP may have it or not. There are many news servers around the globe with Usenet feed. One difference between SMTP (mail) and NNTP (news) is that, NNTP is a distributed protocol. E.g. a thousand NNTP servers can cross-feed each other with new incoming messages, and any message sent to a specific newsgroup propagates to all servers after a short propagation delay. So, you can connect to a news server in your locality, I can do the same in my locality, we both subscribe to newsgroup X, and my messages posted to my news server will get to your server and vice versa. Multiply this by 10000 servers throughout the world = you got an NNTP network. Usenet is simply the biggest NNTP network of the world. But there are other smaller ones. And there are stand-alone news servers, which don't feed, nor gets feed from any other news server. E.g. news.gmane.org is such a news server, with the sole purpose of converting various mailing lists to newsgropus. E.g. heyjoe had given another example to stand alone news server: openSuse discussion groups.

In short, you don't need your ISP providing an NNTP server with Usenet feed, inroder to subscribe Usenet groups - there are such news servers in your locality. And for Gmane, you need to directly connect to Gmane (news.gmane.org) anyway, regardless of your ISP provides Usenet feed. Because Gmane is a stand-alone server.

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