Agreed Onpon,

The advantages pushed don't balance out with the work needed. This is especially true because I would put money down that at least 50% of people who interact with this system don't even use the mailing list directly, they just use the forum interface. In fact its probably more, I wonder if there is a way to see how many people only use the forum, only the mailing list, or a combination of both. Either way, the number of people who 1) use the mailing list directly, 2) would actually use NNTP if it were available, and 3)Would garner value from this avenue is very small.

This again boils down to one user pushing their personal preferences, like so many other threads around here lately. The forum isn't even the logical place the put this request, its the devel mailing list. But again, a case has simply not been made here or the other thread that NNTP provides value to a subset of users actively wanting it.

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