>> When I said "because there's no food," I mean that there are a few
>> restaurants that just have zero vegan options, not even a plain potato
>> with a salad. Not even French fries an a salad.

> Why are you a vegan? Veganism can cause all kinds of problems, including depression, if you don't do it right. Especially make sure you're getting enough fat in your diet.

That question was rude in my opinion. Why are you a meat eater? Don't you find it rude? Yes, carnism can cause all kinds of problems too, I'm looking at you fast food industry.

> Veganism is also very expensive to get right. If you're short on cash, that's going to make it especially difficult.

Carnism is more expensive than veganism. Remember that animals feed on plants before being killed and served to you. Vegetables are inherently cheaper than animal products. I'm vegan and I eat very well without spending lots of money.

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