Hi all!

We've made some changes in the organization of these forums, to provide a better separation between Trisquel-related topics and support requests, overall free software/free culture/online privacy or similar topics and off-topic stuff. You'll find a new "General Free Software Talk" forum below the trisquel-users multilingual ones, and you can subscribe to its associated mailing list here.

We are aware that this change may cause some inconvenience at the beginning but we think that the resulting enhanced organization will make these forums more useful and welcoming for all. We'll also be studying some other measures to continue improving these tools for the Trisquel and overall free software community.

I'll be moving threads to the most appropriate forum after a while to give you all some time to read this notice and to subscribe to the freedom-misc mailing list if you want. Please contact me or reply below if you find any issue with the process.

Happy Hacking everybody!

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