It might be a better UX if upgrading from T7>T8 only upgraded the base system, instead of adding a new DE (Desktop Environment) and changing the application set. But I can see how this would create a bunch of extra headaches for the Trisquel dev crew. After all we would want a newer version of our existing DE and applications, or what's the point upgrading?

When major interface changes are made in a new version of a distro - especially when those changes include introducing a new DE and changing the default applications - it's probably a good time for users to do a fresh install. If you have /home on a separate partition this is a fairly painless process (although do make sure you back up anything you can't bear to lose just in case). As discussed on other threads, my preferred partition scheme includes a separate /home partition, and a second primary partition where I can install new versions/ distros for testing, before deciding whether to switch to them fulltime.

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