Well since this post has been bumped from death to life, I will just add, that

my belief is that software patents not only shouldn't last longer than 10 years, but they are also anti competition, anti social, and easily abused to turning people into the product.

Therefore, no matter what belief set people have, this is a no-win situation for anyone... in the long term. Even if someone makes a lot of money off of the product and holds the rights gripped so tightly that people stumble, who's to say they couldn't make even more money if they didn't patent it and they learn from the other person who made their modifications... then they improve on the older modifications and their profits go up even more from learning from other peoples' tweaks!

My point, I guess is that you have to be lazy to need a software patent not just evil and corrupt.

Intelligent people shouldn't need patents on everything from A to Z forever and ever...

That goes against my belief and probably there are references since the early days of this world of people doing crap like this. aka, trying to hold back innovation

sigh, history repeats itself...

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