Hi all!

Trisquel 8 is almost ready, and we've got a full set of Release Candidate ISO images for testing at http://jenkins.trisquel.info/makeiso/iso/RC/

These latest images should have fixed all the issues some of us had with bootable USB drives and untimely initramfs prompts. They also include of course all the recent functional and freedom fixes and the new artwork.

If no release-blocking bugs (i.e., something that renders these images unusable for someone or new freedom issues) are found, we'll proceed with the release on Monday 16. That gives us a full week for testing and feedback and also for fixing an small but relevant issue I'll write about below.

Please test these images for those release-blocking bugs and have in mind that we'll try to work on the rest of the old and new non-critical pending issues right after the public release. We'll also share our plan for the soon-to-be started Trisquel 9 development with the Flidas announcement.

One issue that we'll be fixing this week is the implementation of proper translation hooks for the new Abrowser homepage privacy settings. We'll also include some translations (it's currently only available in English) with the help of several community members, and we'll share the details for adding more languages to this increasingly relevant component later.

Thanks all for your help!

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