While I definitely see the value in sharing CLI knowledge and skills, I think it's important to start with a link to a disclaimer along the lines of:

"On a desktop GNU-Linux system like Trisquel, installing software using anything other than the package manager (via apt-get or a GUI like Synaptic or Add/ Remove Applications), and especially compiling programs from source code, can result in a number of things you may not expect, including but not limited to:

* programs that don't run correctly, or at all
* problems identifying and installing dependencies; all the other programs that the program you are trying to install needs to run correctly * having to manually update to newer versions if and when they become available (apt-get update will not help you here) * having to manually uninstall the program if you no longer want it (apt-get remove and apt-get purge will not help you here) * security vulnerabilities, and /or race condition bugs, introduced into your system due to a lack of testing of programs you've manually installed with the distro you're using

When installing software that is not included in the default repositories of the distro you're using, it's best to test the program on a clone system on a separate partition, or another computer, running the same version of the same distro. This makes it less likely that you will bork your main system, and more likely that you will be able to connect to the net to seek advice on how to fix any problems you run into.

Finally, when using a 100% free code distro like Trisquel (or Parabola or any of the others endorsed by the FSF), installing software from PPAs, or from the web, or compiling from source, can result in proprietary software being introduced into your system."

Is there a page on the wiki communicating something along these lines? If not, I will create one, and anyone is welcome to improve the text.

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